Dragons and digital is an easy to navigate resource for busy DMs who don’t want to do to much prep. The goal is to make simple game modules and campaigns that are easy to follow while being engaging and memorable. Simple, right?

A digital resource

This site was in launched due to my frustration with how difficult it is to navigate books or PDFs easily. I am dyslexic and find the whole campaign module design frustrating as it doesn’t flow in way that I can easily consume. For years I found it easier to create my own content than to use pre-made content as I had to jump around so much or memorise each section. Not everyone has this problem but this site should still be helpful for anyone who wants an easier campaign to run. All the resources you need are available through the site, mostly sourced from other free online resources.

What content is on the site?

The site has a lot of different content, that’s all neatly sorted into four main groups. Visible in the navigation bar at the top of the page.


This is all the content needed to run the campaign in chronological order. All the essential info is there, though some extra info about the setting is available under the Sarosa tab.


Sarosa is the larger world that the Alterlands sit in, if you like world building stuff and want to run the campaign in its own custom world this section is the place for you. None of the info in here is essential for running the campaign and as such it’s spoiler free but it does add to the content found in the game. It also allows players to read up on the setting without ruining the story.


These are general blog posts about the hobby we all love, reviews of modules and D&D ideas that have nothing to do with the setting or campaign.


There are a lot of amazing online resources out there and I want to be able to put them somewhere besides just linking them as part of other posts on the site. If you want links to great maps, tools and videos, this is the place to go.

Future content

In the future I intend to start rolling out a narrative podcast. This is not a real play podcast but rather a series of stories told from the perspective of character running through some of the main encounters and events of the campaign. Each of these encounters should be easy to run after hearing the podcast. They will hopefully serve as useful inspiration for the tactics of the monsters in the game and how some NPCs might run. These are currently on hiatus as my computer crapped out, taking my recordings and recording software with it.

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