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Description of Barta 

Barta is an island of heavy stone, hemmed in by a sea of green leaves. Sitting on the edge of a country where king and warlord are one and the same. Thick blocks of grey rock encircle the town proper with smaller buildings made from dark wood huddling close to the edges, stealing the protection of Barta’s imposing bulk. The outside buildings are rough and unfinished, many are new and the burnt foundations of old structures appear as black stains on the grass.

The buildings inside the walls are of much better construction, most are made of the same grey stone as the walls, with many pressed against the fortifications. While the muted stone is prevalent so is colour, each house is topped by a painted cross beam depicting a dragon. Particularly fine examples are decorated with twinkling scales of metal. What other pieces of wood have gone into the design are beautifully carved and painted, a motif of dragons and swords appearing time after time. Moving across the cobbled streets to the centre of the settlement the avenues are tight and the overall feeling is of an town trying to squeeze into a villages belt. Some places the light is completely blotted out by overhanging roofs coming a hair’s breadth from touching.

Above all this looms the bastion. Built on a rocky rise at the north of town shoots up a square tower, standing as watchmen of this place. Dotted with arrow slits it’s draped in the colours of the Commonwealth of Cities. The bright cloth banners providing the only distraction to the otherwise featureless oblong. Sixty feet up, sits its crenellated battlements dotted with guards most looking out into the Alterlands, waiting for any sign of trouble.


The Bastion

The Bastion is a tall forbidding keep that casts a shadow over the surrounding woodland. Adorned only by the colourful pennants of the units garrisoned there. The stone work lacks any decoration, a declaration that all the time spent on its construction went into making the impenetrable fortress it is. The wide base, easily over  stands on top of a rocky spur on the northeast of town that further adds to it’s height and dependability. Housing a garrison of a over a hundred warriors, it is constantly a bustle with activity, and the walls are never unmanned. 

The keep is not open to visitors and unless the players are led in by either Govlen or Lady Kana they are unlikely to see the inside, outside of being dragged through the gates in shackles.

Hall of warriors

For a place legendary to pilgrims it seems awfully small, fit only for a small parish. It seems as if the church that holds the sword has never changed and of all the buildings in town the Hall of warriors is without doubt the oldest. Two trees stand like sentries on either side of the door having grown up and around the entrance way. Between them a path is worn into the very stones the wood of the door and fixing is dark with age. The structure is well cared for though, fresh paint shines bright on a commanding carving of a dragon that holds up the red tile roof which appear far newer than the rest of the building. It also is the one of the few areas in which you can find space in Barta, a small green surround the walls. A herbs grow and a small graveyard is dotted with stones. The oldest merely a simple rock overgrown with moss. 

Priestess Mary Kinswal is the chapel’s keeper.

Dragon Hall

The dragon hall could only be more deserving of it’s name if it was made of dragon scale. The whole structure is decorated with dragons, painted on every surface and carved into every inch of wood are weaving scaled patterns that make it almost impossible to follow each dragon tail to tongue.  Apart from the Bastion it’s the largest building in Barta, adding a colourful centre piece the paint and stone all decorated with warm orange tone. If there is any doubt that this is place of authority a balcony sits overlooking what small space might be considered the town square and it is perhaps the only place where a someone might be able to address the whole town from.

Going inside where it is equally as ornate the players might meet the Mayor, Alsam Colt. Unlike his surroundings the mayor appears almost somber, in a simple working tunic of grey wool the only mark of office is his gold chain that hangs on his chest. He’s pleased to meet anyone who appears confident and can help with the necessary work in town.

Bartering Walls

A square of bleached white walls marks out the trade space in Barta. One of the few places the luxuries of the Sonoro can be traded for the mysteries of the Alterlands. Carts unload their wares and strange cloaked figures flit through the market. Traders stand close together and the constant yelling of those pedallers echoes around the walls making the sound inside overwhelming raucous.

Sims the trade-master can be found in a small wooden structure built onto the outside. She is brusque telling with black hair and long horns that curl back over her temples. As the new trade-master she has no time to waste on people or conversation so unless the players are looking to spend coin then she has little interest in them. 

Dragons Bucket

This tavern competes with the dragon hall for the most colourful building in Barta. Orange painted walls are daubed in white patterns showing the dragon curled round the sword of Talan. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, the floors clean and the tables still have a lick of polish.

Merrick the tavern keeper greets all guests warmly. A scarred human in his later years the man sports a head of short cropped hair complimented by a resplendent waxed mustache, both are streaked with grey.  He wears well kept working clothes that seem overly clean and starched. He’hn s helped by Dosra. A serving girl in similar garb, with a mess of black hair and a thick Alterlands accent. 

Blade’s Shadow

The smithy in town is a stocky building. A great steel chimney is bolted on to the outside and the mouth of it is fashioned into yet another rendition of a dragon. The rest is more neat and tidy with the only other adornment a sign showing a blade glowing red hot with the name in both human and dwarfish.

Reyar Steelstrike, the blacksmith is a dwarven woman in functional leathers with black dread locks that weave over her head. She seems almost squashed with what height she has lost having been poured into her muscles. A squat block of physical force she happily shows of the wares in her shop handling two handed weapons with ease.

Stone meadow

The stone meadow is a simple stables set against the edge of the castle, unlike most of the exterior buildings this one true to it’s name is made from stone. The is however a larger wooden barn off to the side in which the constant sound of whinnying horses emanates.

Frey Pita-Fi is the proprietor of the stables. An older half-elf woman with faded red hair she retains sharp piercing brown eyes that watch any visitors. Tall to the extreme she is dressed in muddy clothing and is never still, always working in some capacity. She is happy to talk to those who can keep up and stay out of the way of the horses. It must be said that her conversation rarely stretches beyond horses, or her other favourite topic the uselessness of the youth these days. This topic is fed by her two young stable boys that help her out and she is often pauses a conversation to yell instructions at the pair of them.  


The first defence of Barta, this small gate house sits just on the inside of the wall, a small open courtyard that is beautifully decked out in the towns style greets travellers and allows them to be safely processed. A saavy visitor might notice the arrow slits and murder-holes that are hidden in the open mouths of dragons or holes in the shape of swords.

Segeant Vottin is the man on the gate. In the traditional steel breastplate and red tunic of the Bastion guard he is almost unmissiable. Parked as he is behind his desk it’s quite clear that he is not wanting for food due to his more than ample gut that is hemmed in by the armour. While he is mostly found sitting he does occasionally stand and reveal that one of his legs refuses to bend. While the infirmity slows his body his mind is not so trapped and he speaks quickly, a barrage of questions of good natured questions that tend to get more direct the longer he speaks.

He is assisted in his work by two dwarven soldiers. Selwyn and Milton, guards in the same uniform who tend to be monosyllabic, letting their boss do the talking while they do the walking.

Kings Bunkhouse

A plain but clean boarding house and inn, it offers a place to sleep and eat a fine hot meal. For those weary of the road it’s a cheap and welcome reprieve and even has the luxury of a bath house attached though it is more of shed really. Offering more safety than those flophouses outside the walls, it’s a place to meet those who are more careful in their journeys.

Kepel is a blond hawk faced halfling who is dressed in well worn but regal clothes. Patriarch of the large family who run the bunkhouse, he greets all with a spiel about how  everyone from near penniless pilgrims to kings have stayed in his bunks. He speaks a mile a minute and is smiles constantly. It’s a bit unnerving. 

Drakes Mead

The local distillery sits upstream of the town, capturing the clear water the dragon’s well. Looking like it own little fort, a scattering of lean too buildings are surrounded by rough palisade walls. The functional buildings sits close the ground and it’s a constant bustle of activity, with carts coming and going every few hours.

The distillery doesn’t allow anyone but known traders in, the owners will consent to meet the characters at the Dragon’s Bucket if they offer a worthwile reason for a meeting though.

Sarrow Mill

The mill sits in the shadow of The Bastion, it’s big waterwheel turning constantly. The bottom floor is made of piled rock and balanced upon it sits a towering wattle and daub top floor, the white lime helping it standout from the small buildings that huddle near it. One of these is it’s own stables that house those visiting from afar to get their grain milled.

Lanic Sarrow, is the miller. These days though he employs people to do the work for him and can often be found fishing upstream of the wheel. At least eighty if not older, with grey hair and a weather worn face he wears cotton coveralls and in all but the finest weather has a blanket over his legs. He walks bent over with two sticks and proudly explains how he expanded the top floor so no one would get as crooked as him.

Wislin’s home

The house is gaudy, it assaults good taste and modesty. The is gold filigree in worked into the wood work and the walls are painted a luxurious purple. With large windows look out on a narrow street offering nothing but a boast about their wealth. The top floor is torn open with a four poster bed jammed halfway out of the building. 

The place is bustle of activity, even in it’s damaged state servants stream in and out plus the appears to be a queue of merchants who call on the house all hours of the day. 

Tin’s Kit and Provisions

A merry looking place it is painted in red and and orange, with a sign of hammered brass depicting all sorts of food stuffs and travelling supplies. The large windows allow visitors to look in and see the wares on display. Inside the shop is stacked on all four wall with all manner of items, seemingly placed at random.

Tin is a very intense gnome in an outfit of mismatched styles, the only unifying factor is the colur. Purple. Less than three foot tall, ignoring the erratic spikes of copper coloured hair, he is incredibly animated and pushes all that energy into making a sale.  Though he seems little to care what people actually want and will offer anything at all he thinks he can sell. He is helped by Ferly, a blonde halfling in much more practical clothing whose job appears to be mainly remembering where everything is.

Stars and Moon Home

The stars and moon home is a cheaply lime washed house that looks like it has seen better days. Children play out the front and boisterous yelling can be heard from the outside.  The door has a large plaque explaining how it serves as a large foster home for young children who have come into magic naturally.

Dolram is a bear of a man, huge and with shaggy black hair he would be intimidating if he wasn’t constantly pausing to laugh and unhook a child who has started to use his massive legs as a climbing frame. Formerly a wizard, he’s quick to offer services and help to anyone who visits, explaining that all coin goes towards maintaining the home and keeping the children safe.


This reinforced stone building lacks windows or much in the way of design at all. It functions as the food store for the town and is under constant guard. It has only two entrances, one set of  barred barn doors for big deliveries and a single low door for those who have other business there.


This humble home is in poor repair, the roof has missing tiles and a couple of the small windows are cracked. Still it is well scrubbed and cared for. Connected to a row of small narrow homes it doesn’t look like it could house more than a tiny family. 


These are various homes of the townsfolk. The soldiers live up in the keep. 




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