Beneath the city of Caspi, clinging to the exposed rock under the floating mountain is the Hengend Braug, the hanging keep. Approaching it from the air it looks like an insane asylum with guns. The dwarves of this keep are the last survivors of a world that was consumed by the wandering volcano Malrek. The once-scorned ‘Guild of Inventors’ used their creations to stay ahead of the spewing magma. Already armed with airships they were one of the few mass migrations who came to Spherover under their own power. The city of Caspi was suffering at the time, low on money and with little sophistication, so they welcomed the immigrants. The council of prophets who would one day become the Seer Senate saw a way to finally compete with aloof Rasht. 

A deal was struck, each dwarf was offered a home and a reprieve from the fires of their world but in exchange, they would help Caspi bury itself in the mountain. Under the stone, the city could stay safe when Sperover wandered into frigid or burning worlds. This agreement still holds three hundred years later, with the dwarves continuing to lend their expertise and knowledge to the expansion of Caspi.

With complete freedom to develop their own city, the dwarves have thrived. Rather than adopting the dour and stern nature that seems common to their kind on the travelled worlds, these dwarves held on to their inventive and chaotic nature. This is no more obvious than the top circle of the hold, known as The Test Roosts. Open hangars support flying machines, some so bizzare that the only clue that they are flying machines is the fact they are in the sky. Though not all stay there. Flying craft aren’t the only inventions, ballistic devices of all designs poke out, waiting for a test shot to become available. The sound of cannons, rockets and lightning coils firing is so common it’s practically background noise. 

The dwarves themselves seem to have no fear of heights, despite many of the windows offering direct views to the void below. Best demonstrated when taking a wander along planks no more than a foot wide to adjust an errant piece of machinery with nothing to hold them apart from their balance. In look, these industrious souls meld work and play. Overalls painted in bright colours, hair treated to points or shaved in geometric lines. They listen to music that shakes the walls and mimics the beating engines they so love. The music is heard most in the hanging halls. These spires all have a personality unique to themselves and sprout out across the Braug. Those families concerned with biomancy might have vats of genetic slop strapped on the outside. The gunsmiths have turrets popping up across the surface like the pox. The aeronauts spires are half-hidden behind docks sprouting from nearly every vantage point. All these spires are connected by a web of zip lines and bridges. It’s not an unusual sight to see dwarves barreling through the air on a glider so they can go visit some acquaintance. 


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