As Spherover lurches across realities it can encounter many threats. When the plains below you are on fire and the silhouettes of dragons can be seen in the smoke, that’s an obvious threat. But a world in ruins, it’s only citizens wild animals, may not be as idyllic as expected. Over the years the Corsair Navy has awoken sleeping evil enough times that there are drills for that very purpose. Other times planets may be cursed, or filled with plague. Even inhabited planets can sometimes pose a real threat to Spherover, with powers capable of assaulting the floating realm.

To spot all of these problems and to ensure the squabbling cities of Rasht and Caspi don’t fall to fighting the Seer Senate was devised. Though most call it by its slang title ‘The House of Addicts’. These are prophets who spend their time trying to divine all the evils that could befall Spherover and guide its governance. To augment their visions of the future they take all manner of drugs. For visions of the commonplace things it’s Moko, for insight into conflict it’s Wizard’s Snuff and to pierce into those future hidden by magic it’s Green ice. The halls are often thick with incense, moko and other more esoteric drugs sourced from every world visited.

The Senate has first and final say on how the Corsair Fleets interact with the worlds they visit. While they don’t concern themselves with the plight of individuals they are able to see how the outcomes of the preferred tactics of the raiders. This insight burning in their minds they may decree only delicate raids, that don’t trouble powerful foes, are allowed. Sometimes they ban all visits to the world below no matter how tempting it may look. When people complain about this, especially after a long wasting, they may be invited to sit with the Senate and see what they see. Joining them in their smoking, singing and drumming. The visitor shares in the gazing, bearing witness to the terror of the endless paths of possibility and the nightmare on the horizon. Never has someone disagreed with the Senate twice. 

Based on the former palace of the disgraced Redbone Corsairs an apt housing as they despite prophetic warnings brought fire-plague to the city. This huge horseshoe of stone is lined with windows that leak the sound of tranquil music and the odour of incense. Walking its halls it’s easy to get lost, stumbling into rooms of prophets chasing threads of the future. In the tall red-tiled corridors sounds bounce and meld into each other, inducing a trance-like state on the unwary.

The roles of the prophets are many. They are expected to be loyal to whatever community they hail from, and are permitted to use time not spent on considering Spherover as a whole to investigate their community’s future. They are also expected to help ensure that when the Senate does make a decision it doesn’t damage their home any more than strictly necessary. This leads to the house often dividing into two halves when it comes time to decide how to react to the portents of the future. Those who wish to take risks and those who prefer absolute care. These decisions are taken in the Farsight hall, overseen by ‘The Speaker of Present times’, who remains neutral in the direction of the discussions held.

The immense power of the Senate over Spherover has meant that those with even a touch of prophecy have little option in what career they pursue. There are even rumours that the Senate, perhaps aware of some looming threat or just wary of others holding similar powers, forces all those with prophetic skill into its halls. More worrying than that is that others speak in whispers that the Senate deliberately keeps those within addicted to its fantastic range of narcotics, ensuring their loyalty. Fewer still point out that the Senate and it’s agents are perhaps safe from all form of revolution or oversight. Able to focus the will of three hundred plus prophets to keep watch to those who might threaten their power and influence.

The will of the Senate is enforced by three main means. The dominant one is the consent of both Caspi and Rasht. If either city was to rebel then the full force of the Senate would be at the helm of the other cities forces. With them so matched in power this gift of foresight would be the deciding factor. The second is The Agents of Fate, this secretive order goes out to ensure that prophecies come to fruition or are derailed from darker paths. With no mark of authority, no uniform and no official status, they are often considered a conspiracy theory.  Their actions are rumoured to vary from the slaughter of innocents to saving lost and abandoned children. With absolute faith in their masters, they go out to complete tasks with no questions, just the knowledge they are guiding Spherover to a greater future.

The final form of governance is the Proctors. Clothed in glossy black and gold armour with glittering silk clothes wrapped around their faces and thick goggles over their eyes. Those citizens who deal with them often call them ‘Beetles’. These heavyset individuals used to be mere dispensers of drugs and guides for those addled by narcotics but their role has evolved. Armed with censers that spew soporific drugs they are the blunt instruement of the Senate. Checking in with businesses, local authorities and fleets to establish that edicts are followed. They take this role seriosly and interrorgate those suspected of defying the laws. If people resist they use narcotics to subdue and confuse thier targets. Small bands are capable of taking on great numbers who unable to handle the potent mind-numbing influences fall before these heavies. 

The Senate has stopped growing its power and while it remains a mostly benevolent force it still dabbles in assassination and control more than is comfortable. Its detractors are quick to point out that there is little oversight on corruption within its systems. The is the option to question the rulings but the is rightful fear that peering into the future will damage the mind of those not prepared for it. Whatever the citizens think of the House of Addicts they know they must tolerate them, there’s no chance of them going anywhere now they are established.

Adventure hooks

  • The research room
  • Agent of fate: a crisis of conscience
  • Corrupt Proctor 


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